Yates Martial Arts - Sensei: Austin Yates
First week is free!  Come try it out!
Little Kickers, Karate for Preschoolers and young school age (age 3-6)
Mondays & Thursdays 5:30 to 6pm
Main instructors are Sensei Austin and Ms. Hannah (Sensei's daughter)
A FUN and interactive class with lots of play, geared toward keeping younger students interested and burning off energy.  Parents may participate in this class as much or little as they wish.   I encourage you to evaluate whether this class may work for your child.  Exceptions may apply-this is meant as a general guideline and not a hard and fast rule!  We have found some 3 year olds are mature enough to take part in class and some need a few more months before they can benefit.  Some 7 year olds may also take this class if it's the best fit.  Please contact me with any and all questions or concerns and I will be happy to help in this decision.
Karate Basics & More
Mondays & Thursdays 6 to 7pm

This class is for school aged children to adults with an emphasis on learning the basics and physical fitness, Karate-style!    It may be possible for parents to take the adult class while younger children play quietly in the back of the room.  This is also considered the "family" class where everyone in the family can take together.  
Advanced Martial Arts
This is an invitation only class, generally designed for blue belts and up age 13 or older.  Kumite and Kata only.  Sensei will let you know if this is a class you can participate in.  This class does not run year around.  Contact Sensei for info.
Competition & Sparring Classes available on request.  Email for schedule. 
Locations:  Classes held at Pritchard Community Center in the meeting rooms, gymnasium/ gym stage area, racquetball courts, depending on availability.  
Pritchard Community Center:
404 South Mulberry
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
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